Conflict / Gear for Conflicts

This campaign uses an expanded set of weapons and armor, replacing the rules on pages 116-118. Each piece of equipment comes with one or two bonuses and up to three penalties.


Armor: Light Armor (Absorb 1, Heavy), Heavy Armor (Absorb 3, Clumsy, Constraining, Heavy), Medium Armor (Absorb 2, Clumsy, Heavy)

One-Handed Weapons: Buckler (Resistance), Club (A Gentle Thrashing, Handy), Hand Axe (Brutal, Thrown), Knife (Short and Quick, Thrown), Mace (Brutal, Crushing), Shield (Heavy, Protection), Sword (Useful), Tower Shield (Clumsy, Deflection, Heavy, Resistance)

Two-Handed Weapons: Axe (Deadly, Slow), Bow (Fragile, Long Range, Missile), Crossbow (Bulky, Long Range, Missile), Greatsword (Very Useful), Halberd (Versatile, Bulky), Hook and Line (Hooked, Unwieldy), Sling (Medium Range, Missile), Spear (Fast, Close Ranks), Staff (Handy, A Gentle Thrashing), Warhammer (Bulky, Crushing, Vicious)


A mouse can only claim the roll bonuses from a single piece of equipment on any particular roll. Having two weapons (or a weapon and shield) only lets you apply the best one to whatever action you are attempting; it does not let you add the bonuses from both at the same time.

  • Absorb: Ignore 1 damage a number of times per conflict equal to rating
  • A Gentle Thrashing: Conditions inflicted recover at +1D
  • Brutal: +1D to Attack
  • Bulky: -1D to Feint and Maneuver
  • Close Ranks: +1D to Defend
  • Clumsy: -1D (per instance) to Scout or Nature for sneaking or hiding
  • Constraining: -1D to Maneuver, cumulative with weapon penalties
  • Crushing: Armor does not absorb damage
  • Deadly: +1s after successful Attack
  • Deflection: +1s to Defend
  • Fast: +1s to Feint
  • Fragile: Can’t be used in rain
  • Handy: +1D to Feint
  • Heavy: -1D (per instance) to Health tests to resist fatigue
  • Hooked: +1D to Maneuver
  • Long Range: +2D to Maneuver
  • Medium Range: +1D to Maneuver
  • Missile: Versus for Attack against Attack (unless also Missile or Thrown)
  • Protection: +2D to Defend
  • Resistance: +1D to Defend
  • Short and Quick: Disarms with successful Maneuver
  • Slow: -1D to Defend or Feint
  • Thrown: Attack is Versus against Attack or Independent against Maneuver
  • Unwieldy: -1D to Attack
  • Useful: +1D to a single type of action, chosen each combat
  • Versatile: +1D to Attack or Defend
  • Very Useful: +1s to a single type of action, chosen each combat
  • Vicious: +2D to Attack

Here is an easy chart for comparing roll modifications by action type.